SITXHRM402 Lead and manage people

Topics: Chef, Thai cuisine, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 3 (1798 words) Published: October 22, 2014

SITXHRM402 Lead and manage people
Assignment activity 1
I used to work at a fine dinning restaurant, the restaurant manager there was very good. He has very strong knowledge about how to manage people. He never being aggressive or uses any inappropriate language. He never asks someone to do the job that he doesn't know how to do. He shows people how to get the job done efficiently. No matter what kind of issues or problems that staff have, he always is willing to help. He gains respect from people not only about his position but also his knowledge, skill as well as his personality. Also he has a strong knowledge about all the wines and the food that we were serving. He made the perfect matching wine list for the menu that impresses everyone who worked or ate there. People enjoy working with him, as he give his knowledge to everyone, as a model to teach people a better way to do things and improve the way we usually do. His encouragements made our target easier to achieve. We worked like a family, people took care of each others. Assignment activity 2

I used to work at a Thai restaurant, the mission statement was to bring the authentic Thai cuisine to life and let people enjoy. In order to achieve this mission statement, we need to cook as authentic Thai food as possible as well as let the guests to enjoy the cuisine that we bring overseas. I think the statement is effective for the company. Cuisine changes as it moves overseas. People travel overseas and know how the authentic local cuisine is. They cannot find it in Melbourne because cuisine shifts then the flavour changes. Imagine if there is only one restaurant can keep the real authentic taste that would be the selling point. That's what this business wanted and they succussed. They do actually follow the statement. They hire the chefs from Thai to train and monitor other chefs, follow all the steps to make dishes in Thai way, import all the necessary ingredients only from Thai,...
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