The Person Whos Influence I Cherish.D

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The Person Whos Influence I cherish
If you've attended Pakame high, you've probably heard of Dr Ndlovu from a student or a faculty member at one point or another. Or perhaps you may have simply heard Dr. Cool from down the hall, arguing about the role of Judaism in American eating habits or some other arcane topic. For a physics teacher, Pakame has a lot to say about practically everything. Because of him, l have gained greater knowledge and self-confidence. When questioned about which quality I value most in Dr Cool can honestly say that it is his individualism.

If you want instant gratification, go suck on a lollipop, said Dr Cool while lecturing on velocities and acceleration. Although instant gratification has very little to do with the instantaneous speed, this quote is an example of his individualism in today's instant gratification based society. Any physics teacher who is willing to devote class time to teach his students how to perform an emergency tracheotomy (it involves a Bic pen) and spend time discussing the foundations of religion deserves respect, for knowledge such as that will probably be more practical in the course of life than knowledge of the uranium disintegration series. While other teachers concentrate on finishing the curriculum, Dr. Cool's emphasis is on learning. Instead of learning just physics, l learned a lot more values, ethics and emergency first aid. Dr. Cool is also one of the few teachers I know who has tried to know his students extremely well as individuals. He understands the value of every single person, even if the person doesn't understand momentum. To encourage students to become more independent, Dr. Cool uses a grading system that many other teachers look down upon because of its emphasis on effort and not just scores. However, he ignores them because he knows that what he does is right. While some may look at him with pitying eyes because of what they perceive as insanity, l look at him with respect for his...
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