My Influential Person in Life

Topics: Electrical engineering, Electricity distribution, Alternating current Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: September 16, 2013
A power plant is an industrial facility that generates electricity. The source of the energy may vary, and includes nuclear, geothermal, diesel, among others. This energy is used to run the generators to provide more energy.A power plant is a building or station that is built to provide the production of power. It usually powers its local surrounding cities or towns.  

A transmission line is a material medium or structure that forms a path for directing the transmission of energy from one place to another, such as electromagnetic waves or acoustic waves, as well as electric power transmission.However in communications and electronic engineering, the term has a more specific meaning. In these fields, transmission lines are specialized cables and other media designed to carry alternating current and electromagnetic waves of highfrequency (radio frequency or higher), high enough that its wave nature must be taken into account. Transmission lines are used for purposes such as connectingradio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, distributing cable televisionsignals, and computer network connections. Electric GenerationThe electricity generation sequence involves taking charge from the Earth, doing work on it to give it energy (expressed in terms of voltage), transporting the energy via a distribution system, using the energy, and dumping the spent charge back to the Earth. The Earth acts as a charge reservoir and reference potential for the energy transfer process.While this picture of the Earth as the reservoir of charge from which charge is taken and to which charge is returned after the energy is used is the "big picture" of the large generation and distribution system, it may not be applied too literally in the local situation. You cannnot depend on a "ground" connection to the Earth to be sufficient as the path by which charge returns to the Earth. In particular, just a connection to a grounding rod...
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