A Person Who Has Influenced Me

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Natalie P
Connell 7

Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence you.

It is my strong philosophy that healthy competition in life, can help guide a person to a successful future. And for me, that competition came from my older sister, Nicole. Even though my sister is two years older than me, I have always strived to be equal with her. This was apparent in the past when my sister and I were enrolled in swimming lessons at our local pool. I was in a lower level since my sister was two years older than me. Our swimming lessons were held at the same time and I always made an effort to keep at least one eye on her class. After our hour-long lessons we would discuss what we had learned. My sister often got to go into the deeper water with her class and that is where I wanted to be. Ever since I was little I have loved being challenged and I felt that being in shallow water and being able to touch the bottom was not enough of a challenge opposed to having to tred water since you couldn’t touch the bottom. I knew that I could not have that challenge unless I was in the same level as my sister. I worked hard during my lessons and did my best to get passed to the next level or even skip to the level my sister was in. After a few sessions my dream was accomplished, I had caught up to my sister and was finally in her class. By that time we were in the separate pool, which was extremely deep, I was the only one in my class who could not touch the bottom so they had to give me a step stool. However, I love a challenge so I declined the offer of the step stool. My big sister did not have one I felt I did not need to have one. My sister has been the one to push me to strive for success and swimming lessons is just one of the examples. When my sister was learning how to read, I wanted to learn how to read. I always remember seeing her in her room reading and I would go to my room and just start “reading.” No matter what the...
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