The Method of Preventing Sand Storm

Topics: Agriculture, Earth, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: May 17, 2012
There is widespread concern over the noticeable issue of sand storm. A numerous countries are suffering from it. With the increasing of the fierce competition among countries, sand storm are gradually getting grievous because per countries extremely exploit source and cut down the tree to structure the building in order to develop country, which seriously jeopardize the solid. Sand storm increasingly brings about damage, which should not be neglected. So preventing sand storm is of strategic significance for human to be survival. Many methods are contributory to prevent the sand form.

Sand storm is liable to occur in the arid, blustery, overgrazing and desertification area. So not having a enhanced solid can be a serious obstacle preventing human form reducing the frequency of it. Planting trees, enlarging the area of forest, and establishing the ecological barrier are the best way to strength the solid. Planting a number of trees that are appropriate for the local climate in the edge of city is a effective way to prevent sand storm invasion. In addition, the government should adopt some ways to improve people’s conscious of environmental protection.

The exact role of another ways concerning the prevention of sand storm is that the government provokes farmers to replace the crops on their farmland with trees or grassland, recovering the protection of natural ecological zone. There are increasing numbers of famers in some poor and arid area to graze extremely, which would result in decreasing the rate of vegetation coverage. So the solid of the earth’s surface is gradually getting soft and emerging gap. So farmers should regularly gaze and plant tree. The government also has the responsibility to control the development of animal husbandry.

Considerable though the benefits that merely planting trees, controlling the amount of grazing and replacing crops with forest enjoy are, they can not compete with the merits that establishing the city ecological...
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