Issues Faced by the People Living on the Coastline of Terrigal and Wamberal

Topics: Beach, Dune, Sand Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: August 17, 2010
There are many issues that people face living on the coastline of Terrigal and Wamberal beaches and the natural features around it. Many groups or people have tried to manage these issues, such as the government, local community groups and owners of many of the houses on the coastline Terrigal and Wamberal beaches are affected by many natural factors, such as wind, water, waves, But also man made factors such as housing, infrastructure, litter, and use of the land surrounding these areas. One issue that is stated above is the happening of erosion on the sand dunes and rocks on the coastline of Terrigal and Wamberal. Some people have caused more pressure on these areas as they have built housing such as at Stop 7, “The Ruins” Wamberal South. Many of the people that lived on the beach have tried to find ways to stop most of the erosion from waves and wind affecting their land and housing. On the beach we saw many strategies that are effective in their own ways but not permanent. One way was to plant vegetation on the sand dune, this has effect as the roots try to uphold the sand from being washed out but can also have its down side as it won’t top all the sand from being taken and deposited somewhere else by long shore drift. Another strategy to stop erosion in front of people homes on the coast line was installing terracotta pots for waves, this wouldn’t be permanent and wouldn’t stop all the erosion taking place. A few houses down a resident has built a concrete retaining wall to stop erosion happening. All of these measures are short term and inconsistent and wouldn’t be as effective as if all the residents did the same management strategies. Also at Wamberal South the government has tried to stop effects of erosion and storm attack. Storm attack and erosion is evident in this area because of all the exposed staircases, vacant fore dune blocks, berms evident along the beach, fence stabilisation and planting of many natural plants The government has been behind a...
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