the life of ysl

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the life of ysl
A final checklist for the ISHE essay and reflective writing piece.
The issue

Ensure you reference throughout the essay, using Harvard. This applies to websites as well as books and journal articles.

Don’t fail to provide any references in the body of the essay.

Don’t reference website information just using the url.
Websites also require name (date). See the guide for more information on this.
Research sources
Ensure your sources are academic, reliable and trustworthy.
Don’t use Wikipedia and online sources where you can’t be sure of the author’s credentials.

Don’t cut and paste material from online sources into your essays.


Include a complete bibliography.

Ensure you have followed Harvard referencing.
See the online guide from the e-library:

Books, journals, magazines and information obtained from electronic sources should be presented in a single list, in alphabetical order according to the author.

Images, films, videos, interviews and visits to collections should be presented as separate lists.

Don’t forget to attach this.

Don’t leave any references cited in the essay out of the bibliography.


Language/ style Make sure your language is formal. Avoid the use of ‘I’.

Steer clear of personal references as this is an academic essay.

There is no need to explain why you chose your object, or why it is meaningful to you/how you feel about your object (even though the guide may suggest you think about this).
Images in the essay
Ensure you label images in your essays.

Eg. Fig 1: Arbus (1967) Identical Twins.

Ensure you direct the reader to any images you discuss. For example, you should state (See Fig 1).
Don’t use too many images in the text.
For object analysis only:
Selection of object
Ensure that you start off with a particular object.
For example, don’t discuss

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