5 Annotated Bibliography on Race and Enthicity

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Annotated bibliographies - tips
1.Make sure you include the chosen essay topic on the title page and on each proforma. 2.The main argument/thesis section needs to be in your own words and provide a clear and succinct statement of the main argument presented by the author(s) in relation to the essay topic. It needs to be much more than a very general list of content. Focus on writing this section in approx 30 words. 3.The bulk of your word count will come in the outline of ideas/content. This section is best done in dot points and each dot point needs to relate specifically to the thesis as written in the previous section, and necessarily the essay topic. You need sufficient information with each dot point so that meaning is clear and that you've demonstrated that you understand the issues. These are issues that you'll use to argue your own thesis when writing your essay for Assignment #4. 4.When you choose a resource, be sure that you're not just 'going over' familiar information... you need to be accumulating information sufficient to cover all aspects of the topic, as shown on your concept map. Remember that this concept map is a 'work in progress'. As you research you can add and amend information/sections so that your coverage of the topic is comprehensive. The more you work on this (in combination with your annotated bibliographies), the better prepared you'll be for writing your essay. 5.Check that you've used a balanced range of resources. If you've used a dated (i.e. less recent) resource, make sure that you've balanced it with the most recent statistics in another resource. (Anything more than eight years since publication should, generally, be regarded as dated.) Using statistical data from old resources is a waste of time – instead, search for the latest, most authoritative resources possible. If using web-based resources, it is imperative that you consider the credibility of the sites and their authors. PLEASE NOTE: By and large, Wikipedia/Wikimedia...
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