"The Last Lesson" by Alphose Daudet Interpretation

Topics: Fiction, Narratology, Narrative Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: April 3, 2013
The text I'm going to analyse entitled "The last lesson" written by Alphose Daudet . The plot of the story is concerned with a french boy Franz living in France who arrives to school but finds out that it's the last lesson of his native language. The story presents a 1st person narration: the narrator is a little boy Franz who is main character of the texte The story is written in the form of narration (i started for school very late that morning) blended with description (our teacher had on his beautiful green coat, his frilled shirt..), dialogues (Go to your place quickly, little Franz) and interior monologues (Poor man! It was in honor of his last lesson...) In this texte we can observe the conventional sequence of composition elements: an exposition, a gradual mounting of tension with final climax and denouement The opening paragraph presents an exposition to the story. Here we can see the description of a morning that leads to plot development. Plot development means the development of action, thought and build up the tension. The plot of this story is centered round Franz arriving to the lesson. Than we can observe the culmination point of the story - the climax wich is presented by the episod when the teacher annonce that it's their last lesson of french. The rest of the text presents the denouement. Its the final stage of the plot where everything is made clear. Two characters are presented in the texte: little Franz and his teacher m.Hamel. The author uses direct method of character drawing and indirect such as speech and details of action, social status, attitude to people surrounding him. So, m.Hamel's personality is reveales as kind, patient, open-hearted and sage patriot. He is honoured by all his pupil and the village people. He has dignity and he likes his people and his country. Little Franz personality is revealed as light-hearted, not serious but sensitive and intelligent because he values his lessons and he feels pity for his teacher. The tone...
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