Sonny Blues

Topics: Fiction, Narratology, Character Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Final Exam First Draft
Introduction Paragraph:
Body 1 – Character Analysis:
Character analysis is one way of discussing a novel or short story. Character analysis uses connection to themes in the plot; roles characters play in the text, relationships and characteristics to analyze the text. There are eight words that are used to describe characters. Those eight words are protagonist, antagonist, minor, major, static, dynamic, round and flat. A protagonist is a character that performs a heroic deed (something outside him/herself to help society). An antagonist is a character that works against the protagonist. Minor characters are the supporting cast in a story. Unlike minor character, major characters (main character) has the text revolve around them. Dynamic characters go through profound changes throughout the text as where static characters do not change. Round characters are multi-dimensional, have many roles and flat characters only have one role in the text. Body 2 – Plot Analysis:

Another way to discuss a novel or short story is by using plot analysis. Plot analysis is the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution with-in a story. The setting, mood, plot, conflict and characters are all introduced in the exposition. During the rising action, a series of issues help build interest. The climax in a story is the turning point. It is when tension has peaked and change is about to happen. Falling action signifies changes. Conflicts are resolved in the resolution. Body 3 – Setting:

Discussing a novel or short story through setting can be interesting. Setting is defined as time and place. Time can be a certain time period, time of day, specific date, clock time or season. Place is the surroundings or the environment that the story takes place in. Some examples are a building, town, city, state, country, planet, vehicle and farm. Place is also in relation to the background and backdrop. Background is a part of...
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