Sidewalk bleeding questions and answers

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“On the Sidewalk Bleeding” Questions

Answer these questions in full sentences.

1. How would you describe Andy at the beginning of the story? How have your impressions changed by the end? Provide evidence to support your answer. Andy is a 16 year old teenager, who is proud to be a Royal. In the story it states that: ''Even in his pain, there had been some sort of pride in knowing he was a Royal”

2. a.Identify each person who comes into the alley who could help Andy. Explain why they do not. b.What do the people’s reactions reveal about life in the neighbourhood?
3. a.What does the Royals jacket symbolize?
b.Speculate as to why Andy might have become a Royal. Give reasons for your answer.
c.Why does taking off the jacket become so important to Andy?

4. Evaluate the policeman’s response to Andy’s death. How does this response reinforce the earlier reactions to Andy and his jacket?

5. How much time passes in the story? Why do you think that the author so frequently mentions time?

6. What is the type of narration used in this short story? Explain how you know.

7. a.What is the purpose of the italicized writing?
b.What type of information does it provide?

8. What is the main type of conflict in this story. Provide examples from the story to explain your answer.
9. How does the author build suspense in the short story? Explain your answer.
10. What feeling or mood does the setting create? Select some details which make the story realistic and believable?
11. What is the climax of the story? Give reasons for your choice.
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