The Indian Premier League (Ipl) of T20 Cricket and Its Take-Away for Organizational Strategy

Topics: Indian Premier League, Lalit Modi, Cricket Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: October 13, 2008
The Indian Premier League (IPL) came, many saw, and it conquered many territories and has the potential of impacting many more! Mr. Lalit Modi, the Chief Commissioner of IPL, has successfully changed the rules of the game. With it being now confined to the archives, it has become a paradigm for many management concepts successfully manifested in its planning and execution. Particularly, the fields of HR and Business Strategy can take away a lot from it. Some of the areas are – Strategic Planning: Although it is essential part of every organization, the hands-on approach of the team coordinators came about to be a major differentiator between teams. Especially in situations where the matches were close ones, where the goal-directed approach ensured flexibility in execution of strategies that led to the team with such execution victorious. Cultural Impact: IPL achieved what the Indian political league could not for the last 61 years of independence! It made every stakeholder sit-up and applaud merit and performance, thus making them shed parochial blinkers of regionalism and nationalism. Performance, not reputation, matters ultimately: That too, on the day, at that moment! Past performances / reputation is not a guarantee for success and acceptance in future. Therefore it is essential for organizations and people who are labeled as ‘stars’ to keep performing to get the applause and not take it for granted. Reward: A corollary to the point on performance has been rewarding the performance in variety of ways that has made IPL the benchmark for the organizations to follow and adopt. Globalization: This is oft repeated and battered cliché! Nonetheless, the stakeholders were instrumental in taking the sport of cricket to a global level not only in terms of audiences but the participants also, as they were drawn from all over the cricketing globe. 3-Cs of Effective Communication: Clear, Concise and Complete communication was in full display among successful teams. In...
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