The Importance of Socialization

Topics: Emotion, Intelligence quotient, Psychology Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: April 4, 2014
The Importance of Socialization
In my research I used Down to Earth Sociology as well as the video on Genie. Socialization is important for children weather they are retarded or “normal”. These three stories of Genie, Anna, and Isabelle I think show just how important socialization is, and how a lack of socialization can affect a child. All three areas of language, intelligence, and emotion are affected when a child does not receive socialization.

There are some similarities and differences in each of these three cases. Genie was in isolation until the age of ten, whereas Anna and Isabelle were in isolation until the age of six. All three girls were able to gain physical motions and learn to walk. Language however was different. Genie was only able to say words and associate their meanings, but never able to properly form sentences. Also, her progress was like the progress a normal child would have in a year, but she was behind ten years from her isolation. Anna could carry on a conversation through phrases, but not sentences. Isabelle was able to form sentences and ask complicated questions and even attended junior high. I do think that the age in which the girls were found was a factor in their language abilities. It is hard to say either way considering no tests can be done, but Anna came from a family with very low IQ’s and appears to have achieved more than Genie in a shorter time period. It appears to me that Genie may have been able to broaden her vocabulary, had she been found at six rather than ten.

It is suggested in the text and movie that all three girls may have had some retardation even without their extreme isolation. This of course is next to impossible to state for a fact for any of the girls, but from my readings I would conclude that Genie and especially Anna may have had some retardation and Isabelle most likely would not have. The reason I believe Genie may have had some retardation is because of the readings they found on her when she...
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