Tda 2.1

Topics: Developmental psychology, Child development, Childhood Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 14, 2012
TDA 2.1
A child’s development are all interconnected. Different aspects of development can affect one another. Development is holistic, which means one area of development interlinks with another. If a a child's speech is not as developed as its peers due to a physical disability they will not be able to communicate effectively with other children or adults. This could affect their emotional development as they may feel their opinion and needs are not being met due to their failure to communicate. Their Social development may be affected if they have a Physical disability e.g. cerebral palsy, a long term injury, a chronic illness, malnutrition or spinabifider as this may mean that they can not go out and play and struggle to join in with other children's games. Resulting in less opportunities to build relationships or friendships with the other children. If a child has a hearing problem they may not be able to hear instructions and information. This may affect their intellectual development. Other factors that can affect intellectual development is failure to differentiate the work to match the ability to each child. If the work is too difficult the child may give up and feel inadequate. If the work is too easy the child may finish the work and become bored and disruptive also,you are failing them as you are not fulfilling their full potential.

There are many factors that affect and influence a child’s or a young persons development. As child development is holistic it is difficult to determine the impact on a single area of a child or young persons development Background – Parents lifestyle and parenting skills– If a parent is a substance user ( drugs or alcohol ) then they may not be there for their children either physically as they may leave the child in the house on their own while they look for drugs or out doing crime to fund their drug habit but also emotionally as when they are at home they will be intoxicated and not talk or...
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