how different developmental aspects affect each other

Topics: Psychology, Developmental psychology, Mind Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: April 4, 2014
Unit 01 – Child and young person development (2:1)
Give Examples of how the different aspects of development can affect each other. There is a strong connection between Physical, Intellectual and Social development. All developmental areas have their own unique traits and specific characteristics. However, they are all dependent upon and can impact each other. This can have detrimental effect on an individual’s development. Growth and development of the brain (physical development) leads to changes in mental abilities (intellectual development) like reasoning, memory and language skills. These abilities allow individuals to make improved personal and social adjustments. Good language development means an individual can explain and satisfy their requirements (social and emotional development). This also has an impact on intellectual development. Health also has a significant influence on development. Good health means an improved quality of life and opportunity to achieve developmental potential. Ill health may impact on Physical, Social, Emotional and Intellectual development. Hospital visits or time off school means time away from learning and vital knowledge is missed out on. Physical and Intellectual development

Physical development can influence Intellectual, Social and Emotional development. Physical development can affect an individual intellectually because the brain and motor skills naturally affect the development of thought patterns. If an individual cannot hold a writing implement then intellectual development will be affected because the individual will not be able to write, do simple mathematics, or draw. On the contrary Intellectual development can impact Physical development. If an individual cannot read musical notes then playing an instrument will be somewhat a challenge. Social and Intellectual development

Language delay, a foreign mother tongue or a speech impediment can stop or delay an individual from communicating with others. The...
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