Outline and Evaluate Research Into Privation

Topics: Attachment theory, Developmental psychology, John Bowlby Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: March 5, 2014
Outline and Evaluate research into privation
Privation is when a child has the right to form an attachment to a primary care giver taken away from them; the option to make these crucial attachments isn’t there. If Bowlby’s theory is correct, then because of this inability to form attachments, infants should grow up struggling to form relationships and attachments to anyone else.

P: Evidence looking at the effects of privation comes from the case of Genie. E: She was 13 years old when she was found, after spending her entire life up until that point, locked in a room. Her father subjected her to this cruelty because he suspected she was retarded. When she was found she was unable to speak or stand properly. E: She never fully recovered socially after she was discovered and it was reported that she showed a disinterest in other people. This lack of recovery is support for Bowlby’s theory, in that because she failed to form attachments this affected her relationships and she grew up.

P; Although this case study is high in ecological validity it is also low in population validity. E: This means that the findings from Genies case aren’t viable to be generalised to the entire population. Her circumstances were unique and other factors were involved such as her retardation. We don’t know whether genie was retarded before her father locked her away, but if she was, E: her condition would’ve meant her ability to form attachments may be different to others even if her upbringing had been normal and the primary attachment made.

P: Another study that researches into privation is the Czech twins; however the results were different from that of Genie . E: The Czech twins spent the first 7 years of their lives locked up by their stepmother. When discovered they couldn’t talk but by the age of 14, spending 7 years in the care of someone else, they displayed near normal social and intellectual functioning. E: Like genie, the chance to...
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