The Importance of Having Computer Skills

Topics: Microsoft Office, Microsoft, Learning Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: February 23, 2009
The Importance of Having Computer Skills
By: Laura Aguilar
Computer skills are an absolute necessity in the modern workplace. Of course there are other skills which one needs in a balanced education. However: computer skills should be the base, upon which any modern education is built. According to the “Journal of Education for Businesses” “A skill is an underlying ability that can be refined through practice (Shipp, Lamb, & Mokwa, 1993). Most employers require basic computer knowledge, such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office and Word. These programs, to some may seem simple because they have had access to computers most of their lives. Douglas Noble tells us in his article “Computer Literacy and Ideology”, “The need for some form of computer literacy has come to be accepted as an essential condition of everyday life, now that the computer has insinuated itself into our jobs, school and homes. The Research Centre for Education and Labour Market, Maastrihct, The Netherlands, “we argue that neither the increase in computer use nor the fact that particularly higher skilled workers use a computer provides evidence that computer skills are valuable.” This statement tells us that computer skills are indeed very important in the job force. I have a friend, whom is older than I, he is finding now how important it is to have these skills. Faced with a promotion later in life, he is finding that he is in need of these particular skills that to other seem natural and basic; he now has to learn the basic computer skills on top of all his other duties. Ones computer skills are in direct proportion to the wages earn. In this day and time we must be computer literate. Computer use is mainly associated with skilled, high wage workers. (Lex Borghans and Bas ter Weel June 2001The Centre for Education and Labour Market, Massdtrichct). They go on further to say, “that in the United States computer use at work has more than doubled from 24.3 percent in...
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