The House on Mango Street Chapter 5

Topics: Haiti, United States, Latin America Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: March 10, 2013

Cathy Queen of Cats

ENGLISH4 for Learning and Education (ELE Newspaper), 5 December, 2012 Volume VII

Cathy, a girl who represents American’s class divides

Cathy was Esperanza’s first friend in the new neighborhood of Mango Street. Cathy’s family moved out the week after Esperanza’s family moved in. She discouraged Esperanza from becoming friends with Rachel and Lucy. She was one of the few characters who were not from Mexico or Latin America.

The chapter 5 and chapter 6 and throughout chapter 8 of the book called, The House On Mango Street; represent an ethnic picture from both the past and the present of Mango Street and the surrounding neighborhood. Cathy, Esperanza’s friend indicated what the neighborhood may have been like in the past, while the two families that moved into her house once Cathy’s left were more representative of the whole neighborhood as Esperanza came to experience it. Along the Mango Street lived the black man who was unwelcome from the rest of the neighborhood, different from the people Esperanza sees from day to day. This guy race makes him so unfamiliar that Esperanza is afraid to talk to him. Cathy has shown Esperanza the neighborhood’s two cultures, Latin American and American, and two languages, Spanish and English, which revealing the new cultural makeup of Mango Street. Cathy also provided a window into how outsiders view Esperanza’s neighborhood, even though Cathy is blind to her own family’s similarities to the families around them. Cathy’s family was moving because the neighborhood is “getting bad,” a racist reason that Esperanza immediately understands. Esperanza’s immigrant family, as well as other families like hers, was, in Cathy’s family’s view, causing the neighborhood to deteriorate, and the only thing to do was to move. However, Cathy’s family did not seem to be struggling any less than the other families in Esperanza’s neighborhood. Their house, which Cathy’s father...
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