The Great Inventory Correction

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Sri Vijaya Visakha Milk Producers Company Limited, Visakha Dairy. Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh is having their procurement operations in Costal Andhra districts that are Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, and Visakhapatnam in East Godavari and Sales operations across India. The Government after considering dairying as one of the instruments for bringing socio economic development in the rural areas, To overcome this object, the Dairy was started in the year 1973 with handling capacity of 10000 litres per day in Visakhapatnam under cooperative act with milk procurement operations in 50 villages. Now the Dairy is procuring the milk from 2744 villages in Costal Andhra areas by serving 2,07,925 milk producers. The Dairy was converted to Mutually Aided Cooperative Act-1995 in the year 1999 as ‘Srivijayavisakha District Milk Producers Mutually Aided Cooperative Union' and the Dairy was converted to Company Act-1956 with effect from 06.01.2006 as ‘SriVijayaVisakha Milk Producers Company Limited’.  The Procurement and Production graph growth is increasing year after year with more participation of the rural farmers.  Now the Visakha Dairy is one of the fastest growing Milk & Milk Products Manufacturing organization.

Mission Statement
Visakha Dairy is committed to enhance the Milk Procurement through technical inputs by providing Quality services to our Member Producers by ensuring economic viability to improve socioeconomic conditions of our Members. Visakha Dairy is also committed to supply quality milk and milk products to consumers. Our Dairy shall become top dairy in the country with its inspired team of employees. We, the inspired Team of Employees are dedicated to Co-operation, Honesty, Discipline & Time, Quality & Purity, Hard Working, Transparency, Trust & Belief on Organization, Mutual Respect, Skill Development & Education. Quality Policy

Visakha Dairy endeavours to be one of the largest processors of milk and manufactures of milk products in India.  We are committed to provide hygienic, safe and nutritious products while meeting the statutory and legal requirements to achieve customer satisfaction and in-turn to improve the economy of our member producers.  To this effect the management is committed to communicate, implement, maintain and continually improve the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems in the Dairy. HIERARCHY

(top to bottom )
* General Manager- he looks after the marketing, production and procurement. A person with I dairy course is preferred as general manager. If not then general managers are made to undergo the course after being made general manager. * Assistant manager- he looks after production and quality * MDS- it is the marketing department of Vishaka dairy.

* Administration
* Section In charge also called as Charge man
* Mechanic
* Operators they work in three shifts of 2 members in each shift, so total of 6operators * Helpers- 5 in numbers
* Processing Operators- they again work in three shifts of 3 members in each shift, so a total of 9 members. Departments
There is a laboratory to check quality of milk produced this department is called quality control. There is one more department named chill checking containing 9 members working in 3 shifts of three members each. MDS- it is the marketing department

They collect orders from various distributors and give details on amount to be packed or produced. They also do various other marketing functions. It consists of Dock...
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