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The report objective is to undertake Shimla Dairy Company analysis and find out the key management issues and concerns and then recommend measures to overcome the problems. Currently Shimla Dairy finds itself in a very crucial stage of its life cycle. The cheese industry is booming and the firm finds itself in a precarious position where it has to take a few important decisions which will have a lasting impact on its future. Some of the issues that Shimla Dairy is facing now are need for expansion and a focused marketing and branding strategy. Apart from that the company also lacks a clear cut future growth strategy. During analysis it was found that Shimla Diary may adopt a phased expansion plan by expanding both organically and inorganically. It should also focus on improving the efficiency of existing plans by cutting costs. Further the firm should start increasing brand awareness by having a detailed marketing strategy. This is essential and should take place concurrently with expansion as then only the increased supply will be adequately met by increased demand. Finally in order to execute the above two strategies the company should under a restructuring process. There must be a change in the organization structure which will support the expansion of the firm. This will help Shimla Dairy to sustain itself in the market and prepare itself to gear up for future growth.

Shimla Dairy Products was a 30 year old family business turned limited company that began by processing 50 liters of milk a day and evolved to use 10 000 liters of milk per day. Licensed by the government as a food manufacturer, Shimla was working towards being ISO 9002 accredited and certified with HACCP. Currently the cheese market in India has just crossed the infant stage and has progressed into Growth stage. So Shimla Dairy finds itself in the midst of a number of players who have jumped into the market because of the higher growth rate. The major key issues and challenges that Shimla Dairy is facing at present can be summarized as following: •One of the major problems faced by Shimla Dairy is its limited capacity which is a big limitation in terms of growth •Another major problem faced by them is the absence of any kind of marketing and advertising focus •Finally Shimla dairy also lacks a concrete future growth strategy. At present it is not focused which can give rise to a number of problems in the future Thus we can see that Shimla Dairy is struggling to adjust itself to the sudden boom in the Indian Cheese market. In order to remain a significant player in this growing industry, Shimla Diary should focus on the above challenges and find a solution as soon as possible when there is still time to remain competitive. Although there are other challenges facing the organization, I believe that limitations in its production capacity is one problem that may damage the organization more seriously than anything else. The cost of a lost sale can be very hard to comprehend. Sometimes the organization loses a customer for ever. Also non availability of a product due to limited capacity is inexcusable for a firm which had been in existence for the past 30 years. Increase in capacity will also allow the firm to gain economies of scale, the benefit of which can be passed on to the consumer.

Cheese is a relatively new product in India, and with the Indian Cheese industry moving out of its infancy and more players joining the fray to secure the cheese markets, several issues were raised. Should the company explore a particular niche(high end or low end cheese)? And if so, on which area should it focus?

How can its existing capacity help it achieving these targets? What should be the firm's marketing and advertising strategy? What geographic areas should the firm focus on?
All these concerns have to be satisfied for Shimla Dairy to establish itself as a significant player in the existing market. We'll try...
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