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Th Truemilk Marketing Proposal

By quyens3372672 Apr 17, 2013 871 Words
Marketing Plan Proposal

TH True Milk
Vietnamese Fresh and Clean Milk

Team Members:
Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang (Team Leader) – s3372812
Nguyen Thi Diep Anh – s3372841
Nguyen Vu Bich Ha – s3372918
Huynh Ngoc Khanh Linh – s3373099
Nguyen Thi Kim Trang – s3357621
Vo Thi Ngoc Tram – s3373108
Lecturer: Ms. Jis Kuruvilla

TH Milk Joint Stock Company
TH Milk Joint Stock Company was established in 2009 and this is the first company of TH Group that focuses on a closed process of fresh milk manufacturing meeting the international standard. In order to produce the best quality products for customers as well as to provide a professional working environment for local and international experts, the company has equipped most advanced management technology in their production process.

Although TH Milk Joint Stock Company is a young domestic company and has only one main brand that is TH True Milk, the company is predicted to be a potential firm in order to compete with Vinamilk and to meet the rising demand of Vietnamese market in the near future. Additionally, following the main mission of TH Group that is providing fresh and natural products to consumers, TH Milk Joint Stock Company has applied cutting-edge fresh milk manufacturing techniques in its closed procedures from industrial dairy farm, automatic milking system to professional distribution system. Therefore, in recent years, company’s projects always receive positive supports from the governments and organizations such as Vietnamese government and North Asia Bank. These supports can be seen as a driving force for the company to develop its fresh, clean and friendly-environmentally products.

As regards the production and distribution process, TH Farm and Factory which is the largest in the Asian region, was built in Nghe An province with the total expenditure of $1.2 billion, this project is supported by North Asian Bank. Moreover, the milking system used by the TH farm is completely automatic and controlled by strict procedures. In 2012, TH group anticipates that their milk processing facility will reach a capacity of 500 million liters per year, satisfying 50% of domestic need for the fresh milk. Moreover, in an effort to bring the best convenient services to customer, TH Milk Joint Stock Company has two representative offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and hundreds of TH True Mart where provides TH True Milk across Vietnam.

TH Milk Joint Stock Company at the present only focus on clean, fresh, delicious and nutritious milk but in order to meet the demand of domestic customer of dairy products, in 2012 and 2013, the company will continue to introduce some fresh and natural dairy products such as yoghurt, ice cream, butter and chee se to their customers.

TH True Milk – Product detail
TH True Milk is carefully produced in a 100%-computerized management process followed international standard in every stage of provision, production to distribution system. TH fresh milk is supplied by

20000 cows imported from New Zealand; those cows always receive a professional care from skilled staff with nutritious diet, well-designed veterinary care, disease prevention and treatment. In order to meet the various preferences and groups of customer, the company has produced five main flavors including pure fresh milk, less sugar fresh milk, sweetened fresh milk, strawberry fresh milk an d pure fresh chocolate milk in both 110ml and 180 ml carton size. More importantly, with a purpose to preserve the freshness and goodness of products, the company has developed the TH True Mart to sell its products to customers directly.

Vietnamese Market
Because of the higher living standard, the nutritious demand of Vietnamese people has improved positively with a rise of 20-25% of customers’ demand for milk per year. Therefore, Vietnamese dairy market is becoming the most potential market in the region and more than 60 firms with about 300 brands is operating in this industry. However, it is a fact that the amount of milk produced only meet 20 -25% of customers’ demand meaning that there is a shortage of milk production in domestic market. Realizing this situation, TH Milk Joint Stock Company with financial supports from North Asian Bank has no hesitation to invest in the most modern clean fresh milk production process in Vietnam and this is estimated to meet 50% of customers’ demand in 2017, after the project is completed. This can be seen as an accurate vision of the company and can bring better milk for Vietnamese people. Besides always following the major mission of TH group, this plan also suggests one-year marketing strategies for the company in domestic market.

There are four main objectives:

Introducing current products to the market to reach more customers Introducing a new kind of product to domestic market.
Gaining 5% market share of dairy industry at the end of 2012 Creating a positive image from customers and building a strong basis to develop other company’s dairy products in the following years.

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1. TH True Milk, Home, viewed 30 June 2012,
2. North Asian Bank, 2011, ‘Vietnamese dairy market and positive changes’, Vnexpress, 2011, viewed 30 June 2012 <>.

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