The Gods Must Be Crazy: Movie Analysis

Topics: Paradigm, Indigenous Australians, Recyclable materials Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: June 9, 2015
Assignment #3: Sociology Paper
For my analysis paper I believe I am going to evaluate the movie The Gods Must be Crazy. In this movie a glass bottle falls out the window of a passing airplane. The bottle is then discovered by a member of a nearby aboriginal tribe. This tribe has never seen a glass bottle before, nor do they comprehend what an airplane is.

In the beginning this tribe believes the bottle to be a gift from the Gods and they use it for multiple daily duties. As the days pass the members of the tribe become selfish about when others are able to use the bottle. Finally, a large disagreement erupts between two tribe members which leads to one hitting the other over the head with the bottle. This argument leads the tribe’s leaders to the conclusion the bottle is evil and must be returned to the Gods. The meeting ends with one aboriginal man being chosen for the task of returning the bottle to the Gods at the “end of the world.”

For the final hours of the movie the viewer’s watch an aboriginal man interact with people of other ethnicities and cultures whom, until his adventure, he never knew existed. Disagreements occur due to communication barriers, but finally the aborigine is able to reach what he believes to be the end of the world (after walking through an entire urban city). Once he reaches what he assumes is “the end of the word” he throws the bottle off the side, turns around, and begins his long trek home.

When it comes to choosing which theoretical paradigm I will use to evaluate this movie, I am actually unsure which I would like to use. I was hoping I could get some advice for this by stating what artifact I actually plan to use. I feel this movie could be used under either three of the theoretical paradigms, but I’d like a second opinion before I decide. Other than that, I’m looking forward to writing this paper.
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