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success”. Failure is something people never intend to do but end up doing because they don’t work hard enough for what they desire. When people fail at something they have two options: quit what they’re doing and give up, or work even harder so they can reach success. Everyone in life will fail at some point. People cannot let one failure stop them from reaching their goals. When a person fails they should take the time to realize why they failed in the first place; maybe they didn’t give it their all,...

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Trip to Ooty

driving especially with hair-pin bends. Yet we started this trip along with my wife and kid. I had already booked a company provided guest house in advance at Ootty for 2 days , so could not face problems in locating a decent accomodation . I had to reach the guest house at 25th Morning , so I started to Mysore on 24th and stayed in a Hotel at Mysore. The journey from Bangalore to Mysore was cool as the road was very good and it took me 2 and a half hours with a moderate speed of 80-90 kmph through...

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BATNA case study on Southwest Airline

Negotiated Agreement.. An example of a scenario of using BATNA would be, do you need to negotiate at all or do you have other options or alternatives available for you? Question: If this deal cannot be reached, how can I still reach my aim? The less you need to reach, the more powerful you are because you have a good BATNA, because you have other choices than completing the negotiation in question. Example of scenario: When haggling over the price of an item, a vendor may be wiling to lower...

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Health Components

sheet that describes one method of assessing the main components of fitness i.e. flexibility, strength, BMI, speed, power and aerobic and muscular endurance. P1 Flexibility- The range of movement possible at joints The sit and reach test is a common measure of flexibility, and it specifically measures the flexibility of the lower back and hamstring muscles. This test involves sitting on the floor with legs stretched out straight ahead. Shoes should be removed. The feet are placed...

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The End Justifies the Means

complex or simple goal. 'Justifies the Means' means that the 'End' or goal is more important than how you got there. Once a goal has been brought forth, reaching that goal is the only thing that matters from that point on. No matter what you do to reach the goal, the goal is the only thing that matters. It does not matter how you get there. It's simply that you do get there. The World Wars are a prime example of the statement. Generally speaking wars are fought to gain peace. By this statement then...

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Urban Economics

anterior level of welfare because in this case, the utility per worker in a city of 10 million people (35£ per worker) is higher than the utility in a city of 11 million people (30£ per worker). Moreover, city A will have 2 million workers and will reach a higher level of welfare than before (56 instead of 32£ per worker), so workers will not want to come back to the previous level of welfare, as it can be observed in the graphic. As it can be seen in the graphic, after this reallocation of workers...

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Science Lab 1

Caudatum and 49 Aurelia 3. On what day did the Paramecium caudatum population reach the carrying capacity of the environment when it was grown alone? How do you know? On day eight the Caudatum reached its maximum population capacity of twenty-eight. This has been proved by the fact that from day 8 through day 16 the Caudatum did not increase its numbers. 4. On what day did the Paramecium aurelia population reach the carrying capacity of the environment? How do you know? The Aurelia also reached...

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Frog Leg Lab Report

stimulate the muscle through computer. We found out when the response reached the threshold and plateau. For the second experiment, we increased the Frequency from 0.5 Hz to 1Hz and then 2 Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz, 32Hz, 64Hz, and we found out when the graph reach to the summation and tetanus. Third, we used the graph in tetanus to calculate the speed of contraction and relaxation. Fourth, we rotated the femur clamp to adjust the muscle length and looked at the changed in response in volts, and found out the...

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Final Draft LAC

like and what my daily routine is has made me strive for much more. Lastly, my job as a CNA has provided me a lot of experience and has helped me make decisions in my next steps to reach my ultimate success. Therefore, becoming a CNA supports my belief that furthering your experience and education will help you reach your ultimate success. First, I reached out to people I know and to reliable sources on the internet to help me in the application process. The application process was scary for...

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Success Essay

family , having the career of your choice, and believing in myself in all I do. I believe that success is also trying and trying till you reach the goal or point in life you are aiming for. Webster and I have things in common when it comes to defining the word success, but success, to me, is much more than wealth in materialistic form. My ambition in life is to reach the point where I have gained success. How will I know when I have reached that point? What will I be doing? What will I have? What kind...

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