The Future of Fashion

Topics: Fashion, Clothing, Sustainable fashion Pages: 5 (2146 words) Published: May 8, 2012
“My predictions on the future of the world fashion industry 20 years from now.”
EssayJoris Rotsaert M2Ei

So, according to an ancient prediction of the Maya’s, the world is going down in 2012. But best case scenario: we will still be here 20 years from now, how will that world look like, How will fashion look like in 20 years from now? In my opinion the future of fashion and the earth in general will be more efficient, greener, socially better and will have an entire new mindset on how we look at and consume fashion. How will this fashion look like in 20 years from now? People who say: fashion is death, are just doom-thinkers. I do feel we are now at the end of an era where we are lost in fashion. There has to come a change soon because there is too much mediocrity and too many fashion brands in general. Also the big fashion shows to just give a face to a brand will disappear. Most of these catwalk pieces are nice to look at but absolutely unnecessary, unwearable and so they end up eventually being waste. In the last 50 years, I feel like we always looked back in history for sources of inspiration. I don’t see a future for this continuously returning source of inspiration. I believe we will start looking forward and stop taking inspiration from things that are gone. Also, I feel that the need for wanting something exclusive will grow even more. Nowadays wanting something exclusive is more for the higher market, but I truly believe that in 20 years from now, every person will be able to customize and maybe even design their own clothes. Because we have to be more sustainable with our clothes, we have to wear them longer, and without passing trends, which means the clothes have to represent the persons personality even more. I think the fashion will take more inspiration from nature. First of all through the rise of 3D printing which will also play with the whole need for wanting something exclusive, cause you can adapt every single piece to a customer’s personal wishes and desires. As you can read in the article ‘The shape of things to come’ in a recent article of The economist, 3D printing almost always adapts eventually a nature-inspired, organic looking form. Which is a remarkable phenomenon because after centuries of new technologies and inventions, we go back to what nature dictates to us? Will young designers still have a chance? Well, now already, times are very though for young designers trying to make it in the fashion world. Because setting up an own brand is a huge investment and because buyers of stores and their customers are more careful than ever. But there’s also good news: fashion education is more popular and better than ever and talent always emerges when it seems lost. I think the future will see a big difference in terms of the amount of fashion brands. I think there will be less, but better fashion brands. I think also a designer will not be like a celebrity anymore. It will rather be a team of designers working together as creative directors, rather than just a designer. He/she also has to know something about business, marketing and management. A designer will have to know something about these fields and this will make the fashion system more efficient because the designer will listen more to the customer demand, rather than just pushing his own vision. This will also be strengthened by the growing importance of social media. The fashion brand and its customer will start a dialogue rather than a one way communication like it is today. I also think in 20 years from now there will be a huge rise in the fashion segment for the elderly because this will be the first generation who enjoyed mass-produced fashion and they will still want to look reasonably up-to-date in 20 years from now. Fashion will also find its inspiration in the universe beyond the earth. Alien and spacesuit-like attire will be the source of...
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