How Technology Drives Fashion to a Production Shift

Topics: Technology, Fashion, Consumer protection Pages: 7 (2097 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Virgin consumers
How technology drives fashion to a production shift
Written by: Zoë Holman, M2A

The global fashion industry in 2030 will be fully focused and adept to technological developments that will take place over the next 20 years. The building blocks for the future of the fashion industry are already being made and will be developed further on. Technological developments will ensure that not only the fashion industry but in each market a continuous flow of new innovative products and services arises. According to ‘’, the non-stop avalanche of new products and services ensures the arrival of a new type of consumer – the virgin consumer. This new consumer will constantly be confronted with new products, which creates the continuous experience of a ‘first time’ with a product, even for the most experienced customer. Not only the technological developments that are taking place creates the birth of the ‘virgin consumer’. The consumers themselves also have a big role in the birth of this new consumer, because consumers hunger for anything new continues to grow and grow. This has the consequence that brands and services are forced to continue to innovate and develop new products to the market. Technological developments in the fashion industry In the upcoming years technology will increase more and more influence in the fashion industry. The technological developments not only provides innovative products but also the improvement of logistics, consumer analysis etc. In 2030, the fashion industry is increasingly focused on fast fashion, sustainability, logistics and innovation. The most important technological developments, which contribute in the fashion industry, are being highlighted below. The continues growing consumer hunger for new product must be fed as good as possible, that’s why its so important to make consumer analyses by technology. According to ‘the economist’ the information that can be achieved by online shopping now can by achieved by real shopping by using this technology’s. This information helps to get to know the customer and their demand. Another technological development in the fashion industry is the turnout of digital fitting rooms. By entering these fitting rooms the body of the consumer will be 3D scanned. After the 3D scan is completed, the system has all the body sizes of the consumer. This data will be used to select the perfect items


out of the collection for this particular body. This ensures that the consumer is guaranteed of success and a perfect purchase. The digital fitting rooms are now only used by online shops, however, this digital fitting rooms will be so successful that in 2030 there will arise fashion stores that only consist of digital fitting rooms. This causes that the function of the staff is mainly removed; the only thing to do is to pick the chosen clothes from the warehouse. This development contributes to a strong improvement of the logistics. No longer consumers have to hear a ‘no’ when an item is completely sold, this item will simply not be showed by the selection for the customer. Also, by the digitization of sales, the stocks can be controlled better. The biggest technological development in fashion is definitely 3D printing. The 3D printing is still in its infancy but it is already being called the most important invention since the printing press. In 2030, it will be possible with 3D printing to produce wearable clothing with a press of a button. This invention is not only very innovative, 3D printing is also durable. In fact it’s possible to use bioplastic as material. For 3D printing their needs much less material dragged across the world when you are 3D printing at home what’s causes that this technology has great environmental benefits.

Distrust Given that consumer have been immersed in this by technology driven consumer society since their childhood, they are very adept consumer who are certainly not naive by all the...
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