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The Extent to Which Families in My Village Prepare Their Offspring for Parenthood

Topics: Parenting styles, Parenting, Childhood, Sociology, Morality / Pages: 2 (298 words) / Published: Oct 21st, 2012
1. What is your gender?

2.What is your parenting style?
* Authoritarian Parenting
*Authoritative Parenting
*Uninvolved Parenting

3.What type of family do you have?
*Single Parent
*Extended family

4.What are the chores that you give your child to do? (tick more that ones if needed)
*Washing Dish

5.What are the age you believe a child should begin cook?
*16 and over

6.How do you disciple you child or children?
*Time out
* None

7.What moral values you believe is most important for a child?

8.What are saving methods you would try with you child?
*Match Savings
*Open a savings account
*Piggy Bank

9.What are the most important talks as parent you should give to your child?
*Alcohol and Drugs
*Sexually Transmitted Diseases

10.What type of activities would you involve you child in for disciple and team work?
*None of the above

11.What are some skills a child should step in becoming independent ?
*Problem solving
*Decision making
*None of the above

12.Do you spent quality time with you child?

13.What are ways of making your child have self confidence ?
*Improving your own self esteem
*Be a positive mirror
*encourage your child to express not stuff their feels
*None of the above

14.How do you deal with disrespect?
*Correct it
*Understand It

15.Do you believe religion is important for your child?

16.How do you teach your child socialization ?
* "Manners" & positive interaction with others
*Provide children with opportunities to play with peers
*Talk with children about social relationships and values

17.Do you believe setting goals are important?
* Yes
*Does matter

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