5.09 lab questions

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5.09 Lab questions:
1st lab-
1.) How can parents avoid temper tantrums?
A.) Parents can avoid temper tantrums by having a plan ready prior to them being put in this situation.
2.) What are the A, B, and C’s?
A.) The “A” is the attribute that you would your children to attain. The “B” being the behavior you want to go along with the attribute. And “C” being the compassion that you want your child/children to use along with their behavior.
3.) Do you think using consequences and following the ABC process will help shape a child’s behavior? Why or why not?
A.) I believe that using consequences and the ABC process will help a lot in shaping their behavior. The reason for this if the consequences match the misbehavior it will make a difference in how the child sees their actions. The child will soon understand their behavior is bad and then this will cause their actions to change.
2nd lab-
1.) What are some of the reasons why people may not talk to babies as much today as they used to?
A.) Family structure has changed majorly and people may not find the time to sit down and do so.
2.) Why do you think developing language skills is important for a child?
A.) It can help a child be more social and parents are more able to understand their needs. And they make more friends easily.
3.) What are some of the ways that parents can encourage the development of language skills?
A.) Communication is key along with listening to the child. Give them learning games/toys to help them practice.
3rd lab-
1.) How many parents never read to their children at bedtime according to the study? What might prevent parents from reading to children?
A.) According to the study 1 in 10 parents do not read to their children before bedtime. A parent having a busy schedule may cause them not to read to their children.

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