The Emergence of Infectious Disease

Topics: Epidemiology, Infectious disease, Infection Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: November 13, 2008
As our society advances with communication and the dissemination of information, health related topics have been a growing concern for many. The emergence of infectious disease has garnered attention by those concerned with public health and safety; these diseases appear on populations or have existed before but have evolved and increase the rate of incidence on those within its range. There are many factors that can lead to the emergence of disease on a population from ecological or demographic changes, to evolution of microorganisms. However, international travel and trade has been a powerful force in the emergence of infectious disease on a population. The migration of humans has been a pathway for the distribution of diseases throughout the world and in history. This factor has shaped the emergence, frequency and spread of disease on specific geographical areas and on populations at alarming rates.

As human movement throughout the world increases exponentially due to the advancements in transportation, infectious disease will have a first class ticket on these journeys as the vectors, humans, animals and or plants are transported to different corners of the world. Humans’ traveling for business or pleasure only constitutes a small fraction of total human movement. Migration of people can include individuals or groups of immigrants, refugees, students, workers, soldiers, etc. Also, traveling may consist of short journeys or crossing borders one thing to note is that the volume of human movement is very large. International travel and trade is a factor that favors the emergence of infectious diseases through many different mechanisms. They can carry pathogens in or on their bodies, or carry and transport disease vectors such as lice or mosquitoes. Diseases can emerge and grow due to nation’s technological capabilities (or lack of) in agriculture and health. People also change the environment in many ways when they travel or migrate, they will often start to...
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