The Effects of Crowding on Bean Plants

Pages: 2 (324 words) Published: June 3, 2002
What effect does crowding have on bean plants?

My prediction was that crowding would have no effect on them. I predicted it this way because plants are made to grow in tough conditions and I dident think crowding would have any effect.

Materials needed to experiment.

2 Planting pots
Planting soil
4 Bean seeds
Support stick

Procedure: Take your planting pot fill with planting soil a little above half way. Take your seeds but before you plant them weigh them for data. Once you have the first steps done, its time to plant the seeds Take one pot and one seed plant the seed about an inch down Be sure to label it "Plant one".

Take your next pot plant the three seeds in different parts of the pot Plant them and inch down label it "Plant two"

Taking Data
A good way to take data would be to have a notebook to record in. Make sure to take data as often
So what effect did crowding have on my plants?

Well I put both plants both where they could get the same amount of sun light. After a few days plant 2 had sprouted but plant one haven't. On 4-2-02 I measured plant two and it had grown half an inch On 4-25-02 I measured 13 inches and added steak for support

By this time plant one still had no growth this was the crowed one.

My conclusion is, is that my hypothesis was wrong and that the plant with the crowded beans actually grew and the one with one never grew.

Some errors that could have changed my results, not giving the plants water giving them too much water.

Some possible errors that changed my results where the plants not getting sunlight and water.

If I could improve my experiment I would collect more data and be more serious about this project.
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