ecoli experiment

Topics: Growth medium, Agar plate, Disinfectant Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: February 21, 2014

In my report I will discuss what I did as an experiment and what I hope for it to achieve. Firstly I carried out an experiment to assay the effectiveness that a range of disinfectants have on the growth of ecoli and whether or not it can prevent it from growing. From the experiment i should be able to see that some disinfectants have a greater effect than others do. From this I shall then draw a conclusion and evaluation on what was the most effective, and could there have been any contributing factors as to why they were unsuccessful. I will also include;

My method on how the experiment was carried out;
What methods I used to carry the experiment out;
Any issues regarding the method I used and the consequences of any flaws in my experiment; Overviews on the way I lay out and divided up my experiment to get the most accurate results; A conclusion as to whether or not my experiment worked;

An evaluation on what I felt I did well at and what I did not, how I could have improved my experiment and any skills I have learnt in conjunction to the experiment And most importantly what the experiment has shown/ proven/ not proven.

‘Household disinfectants are effective ’

In my methodology I will explain how I carried out my experiment, and the benefits and disadvantages to using that method and how could I have changed it to get more accurate results. First off I laid out a table from which I was able to use as a guideline on how to arrange the plates and section them off.

Substance Quartile1 percentage Quartile codeQuartile 2 percentageQuartile code Quartile 3 percentageQuartile codeQuartile 4 percentageQuartile code A: Control (just ecoli)100%AQ1100%AQ2100%AQ3100%AQ4

B: Vinegar100%BQ175%BQ250%BQ325%BQ4
C: Milton 100%CQ175%CQ250%CQ325%CQ4
D: Flash all purpose cleaner 100%DQ175%DQ250%DQ325%DQ4 E: Alcohol gel hand wash100%EQ175%EQ250%EQ325%EQ4

Key: EQ4:...
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