Graphing: Curve and Straight Line

Topics: Curve, Analytic geometry, Function Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Objective: To gain experience in gathering and displaying data from a simple experiment Materials: Meter stick, tape, and a ball is needed to perform this experiment. Theory: The graph of function is the collection of all ordered pairs graphing on a cartesian plane is sometimes referred to as a curve sketching. Experimental Procedures:

Position a meter stick vertically on a flat surface, such as a wall or the of a lab bench. be sure the metric scale of the meter stick is on the outside and secure the meter stick to the wall or lab bench with two strips of masking tape. You will then take a ball as close to the meter stick as possible and measure a) the height dropped and b) the resulting height bounces. Repeat this for three different heights dropped and records all data. Then you will make a graph of the data. Make at least three more measurements for each of the previous three height dropped levels. Find the average height bounced for each level and record the data and the average values. Make a new graph of the average height bounced for each level that the ball was dropped . Draw a straight line best fit that includes the origin by considering the general trend of the data points measurement data. Draw that straight line as close as possible to as many data points as you can so that you have about the number of data points on both sides of the straight line. Compare how well both graph predicts the heights that the ball will bounce for height dropped that were not tried previously. Located an untried height dropped distance on the straight line then use the corresponding height bounced from the graph as a prediction.


Feb. 1, 2011


Shantia Stringfellow

Physical Science Survey
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