The Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Tobacco, Nicotine Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The Effects of Cigarettes Smoking

The effects of cigarette smoking on the American public are of significant concern in America. This effect is harmful to the body’s major organs, causing many diseases and generally alters the health and life of smokers.

There is considerable different health risk, which result in diseases and changes in the Larynx with elevated levels of stress in the vocal area. Lung cancer is only one of the diseases associated with smoking cigarettes. The diagnosis of lung cancer risk increases due to the number of cigarettes a person smokes over time. The use of tobacco, principally cigarette smoking, in America, is the lone most preventable cause of death.

A person smoking at least two packs of cigarettes per day would have what, doctors call a smoker with a history of 20 packs year. While a smoker with a history of 20 packs, risk of lung cancer, increases, the same is less in a cigarette smoker, having a history of 10 packs per year. A smoker with a history of smoking 30 packs a year or more risk developing lung cancer at a higher rate. Approximately one in seven who smoke two or more packs of cigarettes a day will die from lung cancer (WebMd, Inc. 2005-2007).

Smoke from cigarettes consists of a mixture of toxins and other chemicals, which invade the human body. Nicotine, a natural component of the tobacco plant, is highly addictive and unlike carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic and lead, which is, absorb through the smoke, nicotine enters a smoker’s blood stream.

Within seconds, this drug has entered the human brain. In the United States Department of Health, this addiction, from nicotine, is that of a person using heroin and cocaine.
Through extensive research, we now know that cigarette smoking can cause airway restriction as well as restricting the blood flow. Cigarette smoke is an airway irritant; it is know to cause pulmonary airflow resistance; however, these transient changes, was only discovered after smoking a...
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