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  • Tobacco Smoking and Favorite Foods

    makes tobacco addictive‚ goes to your brain very quickly. Nicotine makes you feel good when you are smoking‚ but it can make you anxious‚ nervous‚ moody‚ and depressed after you smoke. Using tobacco can cause headaches and dizziness. Mouth Tobacco stains your teeth and gives you bad breath. Tobacco ruins some of your taste buds‚ so you won’t be able to taste your favorite foods as well. Tobacco causes bleeding gums (gum disease) and cancers of the mouth and throat. Heart Smoking increases

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    SMOKING TOBACCO Should smoking tobacco be legal or illegal? This is not a new problem‚ but people still argue about it in many years. Everyone knows the consequences of smoking‚ but the rate of smoking people is still increasing‚ especially in the developing countries. Following an analysis‚ there are more than 443 thousand people died every year in the US. This number in worldwide is more terrible‚ 5 million people. Yes‚ 5 million of 1.35 billion people are smoking in the world. It means in every

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  • Smoking Tobacco Smoking

    of Tobacco Smoking among the Students of Puntod National High School: A Basis for Preventative Measure To Deter Student from Smoking CHAPTER 1 The Problem Introduction The use of tobacco is not a recent phenomenon. It has been said that tobacco plants have grown in North and South America since 6‚000 B.C.1. It was also believed that tobacco had many healing qualities which made its use widespread2. In the 17th... Premium 14136 Words 57 Pages Smoking Tobacco smoking

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  • The Effects Of Smoking Tobacco

    The Effects of Smoking Tobacco Olivia Nagel Biology 123 Professor Thompson May 6‚ 2014 ABSTRACT This paper talks about the effects of smoking tobacco on the human body. It also examines the effects that smoking has on the surrounding environment of the individual who is directly smoking. Smoking has been around for a very long time‚ and dates back to the 1600s. Smoking cigarettes can cause many types of health complications to the individual who is smoking such as bronchitis‚ asthma‚ and

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  • Influence of Tobacco Smoking

    discuss the influence of tobacco smoking on the physical health; on the social life of people and any benefits that are associated with smoking. Tobacco smoking has been called the biggest single cause of preventable ill health and premature death in the United Kingdom (UK) (Department of Health in Naidoo and Wills‚ 2001). The UK is in the grip of a smoking epidemic: an estimated 106‚000 people in the UK are dying needlessly each year because of smoking (Donalson‚ 2004).

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  • the evaluation on smoking tobacco

    evaluation of smoking As of 2008‚ there were 46 million adult smokers in the United States‚ according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). That means 20.6 percent of people over 18 expose themselves to the disadvantages of smoking cigarettes (LiveStrong.com). Smoking usually begins at a young age and progresses through the years. Research says adolescents begin to smoke because it makes them look cool. Peer pressure is a major factor in the question‚ why do adolescents begin to smoke. Smoking also appeals

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  • Anti Tobacco and No-Smoking.

    D.A.V PUBLIC SCHOOL HAZARIBAG ANTI-TOBACCO & NO-SMOKING AWARENESS PROGRAMME Date- 23/6/2013 The Effects Of Smoking And Chewing Tobacco On Your Mouth — They Will Take Your Smile! * It’s easy to take action for good dental health with a visit to your dental health care provider for a checkup and oral cancer screening. Dental Hygiene Month in October offers a perfect time to learn more about oral health and to get going to make it happen. * You’re about to have the smile wiped off your

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  • Teen: Tobacco Smoking

    Teen smoking is a very real issue. Although the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that teen smoking is down since the 1990s‚ the problem has remained relatively stable throughout the 2000s. Teen smoking still affects 54 percent of high school students‚ and one in three who start smoking as a teen will die later of smoking related causes. It is very important to prevent teen smoking. But in order to do that‚ one must first understand why many teens start smoking in the first place. Causes

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  • Tobacco Smoking and Persuasive Essay

    Essay: Why Smoking is Bad for You Do you know why smoking affects you and the others around you? Smoking is very popular. At almost everywhere‚ there are many ads about why you should buy cigarettes.  However‚ the smoke from cigarettes has life threatening chemicals in them. Teenagers that are smoking and being influenced. Smoking is terrible habit because it’s not good for your health‚ it gives you have a bad appearance‚ and it has a bad influence on others. The first reason why smoking is bad for

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  • Beneficial Aspects of Smoking Tobacco

    English 101 – MW 12:30 13 February 2013 Smoking Tobacco Needs a Second Chance If asked‚ many people might say smoking tobacco is horrible in every aspect. They would argue that smoking has claimed numerous lives‚ and would curse the person who discovered it. Others might say that the odor from smoking tobacco is not worth it. I completely disagree with these claims. Often the benefits of smoking tobacco are overlooked. In fact‚ I believe smoking tobacco is beneficial because of its convenience

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