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Expensive highs, expensive addictions, smoking is a worthless habit. Nicotine, like so many other harmful substances, is a drug. They have the power to affect how you feel about yourself and those around you. It takes full control of your body, like your brain has been infected by tar. The three main groups of drugs are legal, illegal and medicinal. Legal and illegal, what is the difference in today's world? Smoking causes fatal hazards and I believe as a consequence, should be made illegal.

Smoking is a legal drug worldwide, however, recently many countries such as America and the UK are beginning to realise the affects of another kind of smoking, Passive smoking. Many areas in both countries have restrictions as to where you may smoke. This is a huge step in the right direction. Imagine that there were no restrictions but no smoking at all! Why should many be forced to smoke through the selfish addiction of another? It is our job to take action and inform the country of this silent but deadly killer.

Why do people turn their bodies into dilapidated factories with airways of tar and destruction? The answer is Nicotine. Tobacco is both a stimulant, a substance that speeds up the body and a depressant, a substance that slows down the body. The stimulant used in tobacco is Nicotine. This is an addictive drug, which causes havoc within the smoker's body. The body doesn't just get used to the drug but it then depends on it to function normally. Between cigarettes the smoker becomes jittery, irritable and anxious. Nicotine makes your heart beat at nearly twice its regular rate and forces your exhausted, oxygen starved body to work twice as hard. Why put your body through so much torture? Nicotine damages your mind and blocks the crucial nerve signals in the brain. In this way, Nicotine has the same affect as the illegal drugs including heroin, LSD and cannabis.

In a recent survey cigarettes have been seen to contain double the amount of chemicals that they should legally be, many of which contain further health problems. The main ingredients that harm the body when smoking are tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine. Dangerous chemicals such as nail varnish remover and even bleach were found! 4000 chemicals have been found in just one cigarette. However, why is it that £10,000,000,000 worth of cigarettes are sold every year in the UK? There is one simple answer to this otherwise confusing question�Greed. The government earns profit, otherwise known as tax from every cigarette sold. As long as the government continues to increase the profit they make then cigarettes will keep being sold in their millions, whilst many people continue to suffer in their millions. So, you ask yourself isn't it the governments duty to protect their people and stop stocking up shelves cigarettes in their thousands?

What about those who are addicted but don't wish to be? Caught under the spell of smoking are thousands of people who want to give up. You and I would have thought it was easy to give up but the answer it isn't! They are helpless against smoking and the habit, like an endless battle, the fact is they lose it. There are many products to help kick the habit, for example patches and gum but in the end they don't satisfy the hunger


of the ravaging nicotine addiction. The message is 'Don't start smoking in the first place!' It is almost impossible to stop. Why do people start when all over the packets are the words in bold type: SMOKING KILLS! (Show example)

New statistics show you are more likely to start smoking form the age of 13, this is proven every year by many teenagers worldwide. How can teenagers afford £100 a month for their habit? What forces them into starting one of the cruellest habits imaginable. To look big? To look more like an adult? To get rid of stress? These are all the wrong reasons...
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