The Effect of Substrate Concentration, Enzyme Concentration, Ph and Temperature on Enzyme Activity”

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Title: “The Effect of Substrate Concentration, Enzyme Concentration, pH and Temperature on Enzyme Activity”

Abstract: In the following experiments we will measure precise amounts of potato extract as well as Phenylthiourea, combined with or without deionized water and in some instances change the temperature and observe and record the reaction. We will also investigate the different levels of prepared pH on varying samples of the potato extract and the Phenylthiourea and record the results. We will answer question such as what is the best temperature for optimum temperature reaction as well as the best pH level for the same reaction.

Introduction: This experiment will entail several areas the first to be investigated will be what are the effects of substrate concentration on enzyme activity. We will only use to different samples in an effort to save time and record the results. In our initial predictions we felt that “If we added more of the substrate the enzyme reaction should be instant.” Of course the following data is aimed to prove or disprove this or at least aim to bring about data to support the answers. Hypothesis: Enzyme activity can be changed by substrate concentration and enzyme concentration as well as certain pH and temperature changes. After carefully measuring and recording the different levels of substrate and enzyme we recorded all the data that corresponded to the change after the level of catechol was changed as well as observing the different pH on the same enzyme.

Materials List
1. Test tubes
2 .Test tube rack
3. Small Para film squares
4. Distilled water
5. Potato extract
6. Catechol
7. Phenylthiourea
8. Disposable gloves
9. Pipette 5ml
10. Pipette 1ml
11. Bunsen burner
12. Ice
13. Ice chest
14. Thermometer
15. pH solutions

Patricia Marcel
Biology 1111-17
Lab # 7 Enzymes
Table 2B The Effect of

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