The Customers Revenge

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Customer Relationship Management Assignment 1
The Customers Revenge

The cases of Jessica and Tom
In both cases there is a problem with the Andromeda XL. Jessica had problems all over the place. From a failing air-conditioning to a jammed CD-player. In the case of Jessica she even got a new Andromeda XL. After 3 months the problems happened again. Tom’s failing Andromeda almost ended up in a deadly accident.

It begins to be very clear that we are simply dealing with a very faulty product. Off course when having a product that simply doesn’t function well, you will be getting a lot of complaints. I believe a company should always deliver a quality product. The money they save on production will always come back to haunt them in the end through a lot of complains and followed by repair costs. Another big issue in both cases is the bad way they feel treated by the customer service in general. It looks like the employees that work at the customer service of Atida don’t have the slightest clue as to “how to deal with complaints”. One of the main rules is to always show respect and understanding towards the customer.

With Tom this also clearly isn’t the case. The quote from the article that points this out is where the customer service employee says “Sorry for the inconvenience”. In the case of Tom, he was very close to having a serious accident, which perhaps could have been deadly. The term inconvenience is really inappropriate in this case.

Jessica is very unhappy about the way the customer service works. She was put on hold for a very long time. When someone finally was able to answer her call, he barely spoke English. She has been given the runaround. As a final nail in the coffin Atida also refuses to reimburse her for the costs she made for taking the car to a mechanic instead of to them.

How Atida should deal with it’s unhappy customers:
Having a bachelor degree in Commercial economics and a minor in sales &

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