Alex and Melinda

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Alex and Melinda
In the Alex and Melinda video, Alex presents Melinda with the new quarterly figures and said that he felt that there was a problem. He explained to her that her sales in the district were off by 40% and that it was a major issue. Melinda expressed to him that she had no idea why this might be. Alex recounts that Melinda was placed in the Mexico and Brazil territory because she was one of his best people and in result, was positioned for a success, so that she had a real shot at regional sales manager.

Melinda reminds Alex that she is one of the company’s top five salespeople and she was placed there because she was the only person with the language and cultural background and not for the shot at the regional sales manager. Alex then asked Melinda to share her problems with him so that they could possibly work on the together. She then pointed out that this is the first time her sales figures have been down. She then admits that she has had to take some sick time.

Alex pointed out that that Melinda has missed three critical sales appointments and didn’t alert the company in advance so that the company could send someone in to cover for her. She then counters by saying that there wasn’t an opportunity to plan in advance. Alex points out that the company has numerous employees – over 100 sales people and she needs to allow the company to exert a team effort on her behalf. Eventually Melinda comes up with the argument that it’s a sex discrimination issue and Alex dismisses this. He tells her that he is grooming her to fill a management position and she just has to follow suit.

In this situation, I feel as if Melinda should face whatever the problems are that have caused the figures to drop instead of coming up with excuses. Alex seems as if he has been trying to put her in better positions to run things even if she has the language culture and background. If anything, this would be a plus for her to move up in the company.
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