Case Study: Sandwich Shop Crisis

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Case Study: Sandwich Shop Crisis
Mitch Malinsky
Business Management
Mr. Rubinoff
December 4th, 2014

1.0 Identify the Problem

1.1 Primary problem
Since Alyssa took over management of the store sales have dropped substantially and business has not been running well. Tom Laronde needs to determine whether to keep Alyssa or fire her.

1.2 Secondary problem
Tom needs to increase performance and sales of the shop that Alyssa took over. He needs to gain back the customer base that she lost and he has to do it as soon as possible.

1.3 Immediate problem
Tom needs to take time off of work to spend with his wife and to start a family of his own. 90 hours a week was far too taxing both physically and mentally for him.

2.0 List the Alternatives
2.1 Primary problem:
2.1.1 Fire Alyssa.
2.1.2 Hire another manager with proper training to keep Alyssa in line. 2.1.3 Take over Alyssa’s position.
2.1.4 Do nothing.

2.2 Secondary problem:
2.2.1 Revamp the image of the restaurant. Introduce customer loyalty programs to give the customers incentive to keep coming back. Introduce an advertising program. Start a sandwich of the day type deal. 2.2.2 Close down shop.

2.2.3 Do nothing.

2.3 Immediate problem:
1. Keep Alyssa in the job or fire her and find a replacement. 2. Do nothing.

3.0Evaluate the Alternatives

3.1 Primary problem:

3.1.1 If Tom were to fire Alyssa it would be the only sure-fire way to fix the problem. By firing Alyssa Tom minimizes the time that has to be spent focusing on this problem. He is then able to move onto fixing the next problem and get back to enjoying quality time with his family. Although this is the only straightforward way to fix the problem, Tom will then have to find a replacement for Alyssa. The hiring process can take weeks and be a gruelling process. Meanwhile, Tom will have to fill in as the temporary replacement for Alyssa which is what he was trying to prevent in the first place by promoting Alyssa. Once he finds a suitable candidate for the job, Tom will have to go through the full hiring process and then introduce and confirm that the candidate is comfortable with the tasks at hand and knows how to handle them and the employees.

3.1.2 As Tom doesn’t want to fire Alyssa, he could hire another manager to assist Alyssa in the duties of the job. In order to do so he is going to have to go through the hiring process. Once hired there will need to be a system put in place for the two managers to comfortably follow. Although this solution may solve the problem at hand it is very complicated and costly. Tom is now going to be paying two management salaries instead of one, which will take away from the business’ net income. In the long run, there could be divisions and disagreements between the two managers which could disrupt productivity of the sandwich shop.

3.1.3 The third alternative would be for Tom to fire Alyssa and take over her position instead of hiring someone to do so. Although this will solve the problem as in alternative #1, it is not high on Tom’s priorities to resume a management position. The reason Tom promoted Alyssa to manager was so that he would have more time at home with his family. If Tom has to follow through with this alternative he is back where he started. He basically followed a narrow, winding road that ends up leaving him two steps behind from where he started as the business’ health has suffered since Alyssa took over.

3.1.4 The fourth and final alternative would be to do absolutely nothing. The only advantage of choosing to do nothing is that it is the most simple and least time consuming option. Tom literally does nothing in this case. However, this alternative does not fix the problem at hand. Alyssa will continue to make unethical decisions with her sisters, staff members may continue to quit, sales will continue to quit, and money may continue to potentially be stolen from the...
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