Final Project It 284 Handling Difficult Customers

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Final Project IT 284 Handling Difficult Customers

Handling Difficult Customers

Vutha Dingman

Axia College of University of Phoenix

May 9, 2010

IT 284

Consumers are customers that are buyer’s influenced by their children, spouse, and other household members. Each consumer make decisions for certain products or the household may make the decisions together. Customer support really has to cater to wants and needs of the long time customers. Their loyalty can be forgiving if there is a mistake or they may be more likely to complain. Listed are some of the reasons why customers become difficult when communicating technical problems.

1.Wanting a live operator but ending up in an automated telephone loop.

2.Excessive waiting times to be connected to an operator.

3.Representatives rushing callers or even faking a disconnection.

4.Incompetent Representatives, incapable of processing requests effectively.

5.Representative not actively listening to the complaint.

6.Departments not communicating with one another.

7. Condescending Representative using technical jargon they don’t understand.

8.Representatives who sounds bored and disinterested.

I will address the complaints: 1) Wanting a live operator but ending up in an automated telephone loop, 2) Incompetent Representatives, incapable of processing requests. 3) Representative not actively listening to the complaint. The support specialist should follow the customer problem resolution and recovery procedures to address the significance of each of concept and overcome challenges that may arise during the resolution process.

Consumer emotions

The first thing that a customer hears is a message saying, “Your call is valuable to us. Please hold the line for the next available Representative.” Then….they wait, and wait and wait. Finally after what seems like hours to them, they are connected with you. They are already angry with their situation and are faulting the company, now they are really angry about the wait time to get to speak with a live person. They feel that if they were really a valued customer, the wait time would be minimal. Resist the temptation to label the customer as a problem and cut out the negative thoughts. Start the recovery process with an apology after you let them vent. Smile and speak with sincerity, and don't fall into the trap that you’re angry or difficult customer is baiting you with. If you feed into the anger, you will only escalate the problem. Your words, tone, and attitude are should be empathetic. This will deflects and diffuses an angry customer. You want to make sure the customer know you are listening and taking their situation seriously.

Now the customer is upset that the Representative couldn’t or didn’t answer their questions and wasted their time. Their expected all the rep to know the particulars about their product without having to put them on hold or transfer the call to someone else. If you do need to work with other departments, please inform the customer that you will personally take the matter into your own hands and will need to investigate on the issues. Reassure the customer that you are coordinating the best possible resolution, and if you need to get the assistance achieve it.

A great rep always sounds friendly. Customer doesn’t like someone who sounds bored and disinterested at their problem. They want to feel that you are about their issue and are interested in resolving their issue. When you answer a customer's call, please smile. Keep a positive attitude and be upbeat, they will be able to hear it in your voice.


When upset or angry about a situation, a two minute wait time can feel like nothing at all, or can feel like forever. A company must learn how to influence the customer feelings about the waiting time. Representative must approach these customers with the mind set of the customer has a right to be angry, even before...
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