The Co-alignment Principle

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The Co-alignment Principle
The co-alignment principle simply states that in order for a company to be successful, it must be well aligned, both internally and externally, with the forces driving change in its business environment (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). The compmay’s strategy should focus on the environment and its understanding of that environment, and any changes taking place, and what needs to be done to stay fit and then looks to develop a game plan and competitive posture to successfully compete and build competitive advantage (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). After identifying opportunities and threats in the external environment a firm can then plan, formulate, and then execute strategies to exploit these environmental opportunities and minimize any potential or actual threats (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). A company can measure the success of co-alignment by effectively identifying opportunities and threats and then develop the appropriate competitive methods which include people, capital, facilities, and IT (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). Ultimately financial performance or the company’s profitability will improve as a result of a a company apply the co-alignment principle (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). One way has help the hospitality industry is through the functionality. IT has helped to have the ability to control inventory and rate, booking rules, restrictions, and selling strategies and distributing this in real time (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). Another example is when Marriott created a twenty-one-day advance purchase promotion which required fencing for reservations to meet certain conditions and comply with certain rules or restrictions and helped Marriot better manage room inventory and monitor customer purchase patterns(Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). A third example of how IT has helped the...

References: Nyheim, P. D., McFadden, F. M., & Connolly, D. J. (2005). Technology strategies for the
hospitality industry. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.
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