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Hospitality Industry

Introduction The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility...

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Hospitality Industry

1 Hospitality Industry 1.1 Introduction to Hospitality Industry 1.1.1 The Nature of the Hospitality Industry What is the meaning of HOSPITALITY? There have been different definitions of Hospitality. Broadly speaking, Hospitality is the act of kindness in welcoming and looking after the basic needs of guests or strangers, mainly in relation to food, drink and accommodation. A contemporary explanation of Hospitality refers to the relationship process between a guest and a host. When...

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Introduction to hospitality industry

INTRODUCTION TO HOTEL MANAGEMENT IHM110 Week 2: Introduction to Hospitality Industry and the Origin of the Hotel IHM 110 Outline • Meaning and definition of Hospitality industry • The origin of the hotel • What service the industry provides and who it provides for • Characteristics of the hospitality industry IHM 110 What is the meaning of HOSPITALITY “The friendly reception and treatment of guest or stranger” ____________ “The act of kindness in welcoming and looking after the basic needs...

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Globalization in the Hospitality Industry

Tourism is an industry that gives people the opportunity to explore and discover different cultures and many different countries. People are able to view attractions, dabble in local cuisine and experience life in a different country. Tourism is an industry that is rapidly growing as more and more people are traveling abroad. People have a genuine interest in learning about new cultures and experiencing all that a country has to offer. More countries are moving closer to globalization and this in...

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Olympic Games and Hospitality Industry

Discuss the keymacro-economic factors affecting demand for your industry sector The hospitality industry makes a major contribution to the UK economy. It is a fact that the hospitality business employs a large percentage of people. This paper further focuses on economic impact. It will be covered what is the main reasons affecting demand.It will be analyzed about the global recession problem and how the recession has been impacted on people. Below in the essay will be covered how The Titanic...

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Globalization of the Hospitality Industry

Globalization of the Hospitality Industry Jennifer Bratton University of Phoenix Globalization of the Hospitality Industry Introduction The hospitality industry strives from consumers wanting to get away from everyday stresses. These consumers want to relax and enjoy time away from everyday life. When a person is traveling they need a place to stay, a place to eat, somewhere to visit, and someone to make the arrangements for the travel. Hospitality is known for servicing the guests and making...

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Public Relations in the Hospitality Industry

Public Relations in the Hospitality Industry Public elations practices and principles Imani Laport Imani Laport Public Relations Practices and Principles Midterm Reaserch paper Public Relations in the Hospitality Industry Public relations and the hospitality industry go hand and hand. Without the help of public relations the hospitality industry would not be successful. Public relations practioners have struggled over the years to find a sound definition for their work. It’s taken...

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Tourism and Hospitality Industry

have been in the industry for 93 years now making them real experts at what they do. 6.Good reputation in the market Weakness 1. Limited market share inspite of good brand recall 2. Operations are affected globally due to different Govt policies and parameters Opportunity 1. High potential in emerging markets 2. Innovation in customer services 3. Digitalization and better use of technology 4. Indian and as well as global hospitality sectors are looking...

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Trend in Indian Hospitality Industry

TRENDS IN THE INDIAN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Aims To analyse the current and future scenario of the hospitality industry in India. Objectives • Examine the disparity in the supply and demand of accommodation and rising prices. • To understand the pricing, industry standards and other critical issues that arise with growth of the industry in India. • Recognize and evaluate the problems that the industry is currently facing. The research looks into the impediments...

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Understand the Current Structure of the Hospitality Industry

UNDERSTAND THE CURRENT STRUCTURE OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY 1. Demonstrate the diversity of the hospitality industry explaining how it has achieved its current complexity, scale and scope. The hospitality industry has a lot of different sectors. It is commonly split into the 14 different sectors. Hospitality Services Tourist, Tourism Hotels Self Catering...

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