The Business of Developing New Drugs for Cancer Patients

Topics: Cancer, Kill, Oncology Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Your boss has asked you (a communication specialist) to write an informative white paper about the business of developing new drugs for cancer patients. The content will be turned into a brochure for the public describing the four (4) major issues: economic situation, special needs (e.g., health) of the population being served, process, and benefits of the program. She asked you to include two (2) visuals to illustrate the issues. If you wear pink for Cancer than this is for you! Cancer killer the newest Drug that kills it all. If you have it, you had it and went through Hell fighting it, or you’re at risk. As we all know Fighting Cancer is a big deal to our society it’s a sickness that ought to get rid of. Statistics shows how many people are diagnosed and killed by this disease yearly When the facts are considered it’s a horrifying toll the facts considered are a horrifying toll on our society or looking at the facts it horrified our society. As of right now if you have it in order to get rid of it you have to take many steps: If diagnosed of cancer here are a few procedures to go through in order to get rid of it, either: •Surgery to remove the cancer

Radiation therapy, which uses energy to kill cancer cells •Chemotherapy, which uses drugs to kill cancer cells
Stated above are the three major types of cancer treatment most often used.
A more recent graph will be better, this is about 4 years from now.
While you have to do the following stated above to fight this disease to go through one of the treatment listed above to fight cancer, just think how much the estimated price would be compared to our drug. The economy is shot, would you want to go bankrupt and lose everything fighting this disease? Not even that now you put yourself at greater risk with stress and ladies and gentleman STRESS KILLS. This new Drug will prevent Time off Work Death, stress and saves money so that you can work on that 401k and live with no worries. (This paragraph is...
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