the blue bouquet

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Position Paper

Globalization is the process making the worlds citizens increasingly interdependent economically, politically, and socially, as well as environmentally and technologically. Although, to what extent should we embrace it? By the given definition, you would expect globalization to allow cultures, ideas, and beliefs to spread across the globe, which would lead to the development of our countries. However, this is not the case as said here by William K. Tabb, Economist: “Globalization refers to the process of reducing barriers between countries and encouraging closer economic, political, and social interaction. Globalization could vastly increase the ability of people everywhere to improve their living standards by sharing knowledge and the fruits of human labor across those barriers. This, of course, does not happen.” Tabb is trying to tell us that while Globalization could be doing us of world of good, it has failed to do so in recent years. In fact, a process that is supposed to allow us all to grow, is transforming us into somewhat of a monoculture due to acculturation. Tabb believes that there is vast potential for our world to become closer through political, social, and economic interaction if we allow it to do so. Sometimes we just don’t know exactly how to go about it. The aspect of globalization that has been occurring lately is more like assimilation than accommodation. Some have said that what is happening to the world is “Americanization”, which means that the world is becoming less of a mix of numerous different countries and cultures and more like one giant America. The beliefs, values, views, history and language of a people should all be evident within their culture, and while we can allow globalization to help counties grow, it should not be in a way that takes away or lessens their culture and it’s importance.

Under the best conditions, globalization reduces barriers allowing the worlds countries to interact closer with one...
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