Topics: Globalization, Culture, Capitalism Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Cynthia Davis
EN 106
Professor Waltman
16 April 2011
Globalization: An Improvement or a Threat?
Globalization is a phenomenon in which corporate expansion around the world and economic growth comes together. This seems like a good thing. Globalization can be viewed as an improvement for society for many reasons driven by free-market capitalism. This super powered phenomenon can also be seen as a threat because it is an ideology or concept that is trying to advance the corporate agenda; in retrospect globalization is the contemporary form of capitalism. If globalization were to benefit or be advantageous to all people then it would be a great thing. It just needs to be geared in the right direction and there is no proof that it will or how long it will take. Critics of globalization have been concerned that the spread of a global consumerism would wipe out local cultures and homogenize the entire world, but Foer returned convinced that globalization has not and will not soon wipe away local institutions and cultures. On the contrary, he suspects the opposite has happened: In response to the threat of global integration, local entities have launched counterattacks that are successful but "not always in such a good way." Globalization means different things to different people. To those who favor it, it represents fewer reasons for armed conflicts, more opportunities for escaping the confines of tradition and narrow-mindedness, a higher standard of living, and more access to the good things of life; in short, capitalism and democracy. To those who mistrust it or hate it, it means the submersion of national sovereignty, the extinction of regional cultures, the enrichment of multinational corporations and the bankruptcy of corner stores, the undermining of religion, and the corruption of morality; in short, capitalism and democracy. Franklin Foer asserts that both the proponents and detractors of globalization have oversold its influence. His proof is soccer....
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