Effects of Globalization on My Community

Topics: Virginia, Globalization, Government Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Globalization can be described in a number of different ways; it can describe the empowerment of decision making of dominant nations at the expense of less powerful nations, it can be defined as a force for economic growth prosperity and democratic freedom; but most notably it’s the integration of economic, political, and cultural systems across the globe. Globalization involves the movement of people, goods, ideas and information throughout the world. It is known to be the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa (Gibbens’ Globalization). In other words it’s a global domino effect of social, economical, governmental and communicative processes; for example a hotdog restaurant chain from the U.S. can be introduced to China, because of the unhealthy ingredients in their food this lead to an increase in obesity throughout their nation affecting their workforce. Due to the increase in health risk manufactures in China began to decline in production affecting other nations including the U.S. This is just one example of globalization, but the effects aren’t always negative their can also be positive influences as well but the outcomes can be rather unpredictable. Although relations between two trading nations can be mutually beneficial and positive it can still have a negative effect to another nation’s economy, culture, and/or commerce or vice versa.

Globalization has helped shape the world to what it is now, a global chain of fast paced technological advancements devised and shared to improve multiple processes, lifestyles and livelihoods. My community is comprised of many ethnicities and multi-cultural backgrounds, I’m relatively new to the area but from what I have seen thus far showcases an incredible amount of potential for growth and employment. I’m formally a New Yorker who has found a new life in what’s known as the DMV...
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