The Barak Obama Case

Topics: Barack Obama, Ann Dunham, Illinois Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 28, 2008
1. What traits might Barak Obama possess that contribute to his strong leadership ability? Obama is not a traditional politician, like others, but a new political pattern - especially after his call for a different approach in politics - is the "sense of hope." The fact that Obama seemed a man at peace with himself, seemed unfazed and able to suggest the truth is first and foremost that he was acting only to the manner born, not only trying to be the same. This is precisely the status that gives it its distinctive personal. Whether we've seen on stage or in the middle of a large audience, or engaged in serious discussion, it seems quiet comfortable. At other times, it seems good listener what others are saying and interactive with them. It attributes much use to him when the campaign reached its peak and the summit soured, the candidates find themselves under pressure psychological test their abilities.

Dose Obama's case support a trait perspective of leadership? Why or Why not? Yes, because as I mentioned before he is a new political pattern and this what American people needs and wants.

2. From a behavioral perspective of leadership, what dose Obama do to strengthen his success as a leader? Obama dose a lot of things that led him to strengthen his success as a leader and the most famous one are his book '' THE BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE" Obama's plan for America. Also his speech on July 27th, about his idea of a country without racism and fear, a country not led by politicians who are born into wealth. Senator Obama has been able to develop innovative approaches to challenge the status quo and get results. Americans are tired of divisive ideological politics, which is why Senator Obama has reached out to Republicans to find areas of common ground. He has tried to break partisan logjams and take on seemingly intractable problems. During his tenure in Washington and in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama has accumulated a record of bipartisan success....
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