Why Obama Won the 2012 Election

Topics: Barack Obama, President of the United States, Democratic Party Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Why Obama won the 2012 Election

The American elections of 2012 was very competitive between the Democrat candidate Barrack Obama, who was the president then, and Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate. The campaigns and presidential debates were quite heated and as has been earlier mentioned, it was tight for each of them as polls clearly indicated that both Obama and Romney had more or less an equally high chance of winning the presidential elections. Demographics played a significant part in seeing Obama take the day. The groups of people that actually made the difference include groups of young women, African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans. Some of the states in which Obama won include New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Maryland, Wyoming, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Maine, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, California, Washington DC and Rhode Island (Sherman, 2012). President Barack Obama significantly overcame a bad economy, a fractured political landscape, high unemployment which gave him a great advantage over his challenger. When it comes to the states, it is seen that Obama took a number of key battlegrounds sates. As has been earlier pointed out, the Northeastern states remained loyal to Obama’s column by significant margins. In addition to this, he took no less than six of the nine swing states including Ohio. In the end, the fifty one year old president had more than the two hundred and seventy votes that would guarantee him a win. It is interesting to note that the New Jersey electorate, even with the major challenge of the Hurricane Sandy, showed their faith in the president emphasize and in addition to this, just to emphasize their solidarity for the Democrats, reelected Robert Menendez the Senator. He defeated the Republican Joe Kyrillos quite easily (Heavey, 2012). In my opinion, one of the major reasons why Obama won the 2012 presidential elections is that he had a unique campaigning strategy. It is...

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