state of union 2012

Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Illinois Pages: 2 (908 words) Published: September 20, 2013

State of the Union Critique

The main topic for this speech is to talk about issues and problems within the area that we live in. This speech talks about how to lower cost on things like living cost, education cost, and many more necessities that we the people need. The speech also provides information on how we can get more jobs and decrease teen pregnancy, crime in the streets, and protect the children. If we had more jobs and less crime this would boost the economy a great deal. They also would like to decrease gun control to really decrease the violence on the streets and save more lives of citizens and even noncitizens. The speakers name is Barrack Obama. The occasion of the speech is the “State of the Union”. This speech was taken place in Washington D.C. The intention of the speech is to open the eyes to the House of Representatives and congress and all the other people on the audience on how to solve the problems we are facing. I feel that this speech will be effective because of the topics he mentioned in the beginning. During the speech President Barrack Obama was calm and got his point across to the audience clearly. He established his creditability by describing how the job market used to be before he started to create jobs to help families and stimulate the economy. Also he talks about education and how he is making a new plan for college students. This plan will help the college students see where they can get more for their money when they are paying for their college tuition. Then he talks about new health care and our veterans overseas and how they are coming home now and that they expect more to come back soon. During the speech President Obama made great eye contact with the audience. He didn’t have many pauses except for when the audience felt the need to clap. His voice was steady and call, and wasn’t rising nor falling which made the speech more effective. He...
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