Barack Obama's Dinner Speech

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Obama's White House Correspondents' Dinner A good leader is someone who constantly is honest with the people who he or she is surrounded by. A leader who is educated is able to evaluate other people's skills to have the ability to achieve their ideal goals. As many of us know, Barack Obama was the first African American United States President in the United States' history. I remember it was 2010 when Obama established a healthcare system called Obamacare. Obama is considered a good leader by continuously being plausible and an attentive person for almost eight years. Not only is he an attentive worker, but Barack also does other things to help our nation, such as visiting other countries around the globe. Obama uses humor in his speeches …show more content…
It is even more challenging for the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to give a speech which is like carrying a heavy weight on his shoulders. In the video, “President Obama at the 2015 White House Correspondent's Dinner” speech on, it was an evening of April 25th , 2015, when various people, such as politicians, journalists, and celebrities were invited to join the annual roast in Washington, DC. During Barack Obama's speech, he appears to be quite relaxed as he is speaking to the fellow politicians as he humorously shares the highlights of his presidency and the goals of the remainder of his term as his presidency nears its end. His tone and grammar in this speech seem like he is addressing people he is familiar and comfortable with. Plus the setting is light hearted and fun, like a party. His words and effect are more humorous and comfortable, but I personally feel like it would be a different story if he was addressing a tragedy that had just occurred. Instead of Barack Obama being humorous, he would be somber, and instead of being comfortable, his tone would be more respectful and serious. His overall speech was filled with quite a few jokes at the presidential address at the White House Correspondents

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