The Advantange Of Online Shopping

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The advantange of online shopping (Article 1)
Shopping on the Internet offers convenience and time-saving benefits to shoppers, as compared to shopping in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Shopping on the Internet addresses this problem as shoppers can shop in the comfort and convenience of home. can be accessed anywhere in the connected world; shoppers can expect to browse and purchase goods on the Internet anytime, unlike traditional storefronts that have fixed opening hours. Shoppers can also purchase goods that are unavailable at their location, and are able to bypass restrictive import policies, as the Internet allows shoppers to make purchases from vendors in other locations around the world. Shoppers are able to use the Internet as a powerful research instrument in the purchasing process. For certain products such as books and Videos/CDs/DVDs, reviews and recommendations are important factors in influencing purchase decision. With online shopping, shoppers no longer have to suffer the costs and incomplete information of traditional search, making product searches easier and more effective. The Internet makes it easier for shoppers to compare prices between vendors. Shoppers are able to obtain lower prices when buying online.

Chang, J. (2007). Online shopping: Advantages over the offline alternative, Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce. Retrieved February 2, 2012 from Article

, online shopping is gradually understood by consumers, and it is developing with the trend of specialisation and large-scale, as a new fashion of shopping. Consumers who enjoy online shopping believe that online shopping can save time and enable them to buy the goods not sold in local market. Online shopping has no spatio-temporal boundary, which means that you can go shopping in the website of stores, any time, any place, as long as you connect to the Internet. Through the network, consumers can compare goods...
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